Well it was a long and grueling Primary season, but we have a slate of Democratic candidates of which we can be proud.

We want to congratulate JB Pritzker and his running mate, Juliana Stratton, on their victory. And we want to thank the other caring and committed candidates who ran, as well.

Daniel Biss, Chris Kennedy, Bob Daiber, Tio Hardiman, and Robert Marshall made it tough for many of us to choose. But we know that going forward, we will be united in our goal to defeat Bruce Rauner and put Illinois back on course; to support its working people, students, immigrants, the elderly and infirm, to get its budget in order and institute a progressive, fair tax in Illinois.

We'd also like to congratulate our DPOP endorsed candidates: Kwame Raoul - the new Democratic nominee for for attorney general; Brandon Johnson, who appears to have won his race for Cook County Commissioner, 1st District; and our 2 Oak Park judges: Preston Jones, Jr. and Peter Michael Gonzalez, who won their races by substantial margins.

Hopefully, we can all take a well-deserved breather now, knowing that this general election this fall will be tough, and we will have much work to do.

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To all the DPOP VOLUNTEERS who spent hours circulating petitions, coming to DPOP meetings to hear from candidates, phone banking for your favorites, meeting and engaging fellow voters, liking and sharing our social media posts, updating our website, helping in our office, engaging in GOTV efforts, closing election precincts, delivering Election Day donuts, tabulating election returns, decorating FitzGerald's for election night, photographing our Election Day returns party, and doing all the other things - big and small - needed to share our values and vision with our community:

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL. You are the core of our organization, the heart of our democracy, and the future of our party.

Our focus now is on November and doing our best to turn the BLUE WAVE into a BLUE TSUNAMI! Rest, regroup, and we will see you in the months to come!

Jerry Delaney, Committeewoman

Congratulations to Don and Camille!

Nearly lost in all of the excitement about the contested races in Tuesday's election was the fact our committeeman, Don Harmon, was on the ballot for state senator for the 39th District. Congratulations to Don for being our Democratic nominee and for having NO REPUBLICAN OPPONENT in November!

Congratulations also to Rep. Camille Lilly for her uncontested race for state representative for the 78th District!

We are proud to be represented by one of the best teams in the state: Harmon and Lilly!

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