Every year at this time, DPOP asks its members to support one or more deserving local service organizations. It's not too late to contribute.

If you would like to support either, or both, of these worthy organizations, please either send DPOP check(s) made out to the organization(s) and we'll deliver them, or donate using the links below.

Like most places in the country, the legal bar in northern Illinois is unable to provide enough free legal assistance to satisfy the growing demand of those in need. The irony is that many attorneys in Chicagoland want to provide pro bono legal services, but lack a workable model to do so. This is especially true of attorneys who have decided to take time off to raise children, who retired, or who maintain law practices outside the Chicago city-limits.

Out of the clients' need and the attorneys’ desire, an idea was born - the Pro Bono Network — a group these experienced attorneys together and remove barriers to volunteering to make it easier for attorneys to help those in need. As a result, more people in dire need are receiving help. Over 250 volunteers, more than 15,000 hours of legal service, and counting.

Since 1972, the Oak Park Regional Housing Center (OPRHC) has been an advocate for fair housing. Its mission is to achieve meaningful and lasting diversity in communities. The OPRHC works to counteract steering and encourages pro-integrative housing options. It promotes Oak Park as a community for all races, attracting people who respond to and strengthen that kind of climate. We work with local entities to coordinate a multi-faceted effort to promote and sustain the community's rich diversity.

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