The Death Gap: A Talk by Dr. David Ansell – 8/23

"The greatest health crisis today is not cancer, not heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. It's something much more common and far less often mentioned: poverty. Without question, the poor die sooner. Blacks die sooner. And poor urban blacks die sooner than almost all other Americans. In nearly four decades as a doctor at hospitals serving some of the poorest communities in Chicago, David Ansell has witnessed the lives behind these devastating statistics firsthand. In The Death Gap, he gives a grim survey of these realities, drawn from observations and stories of his patients."
Please save the date and join us for a community conversation with author David Ansell about his latest book, The Death Gap: How Inequality Kills.
Sponsored by Champions for Affordable Health Care
7:00 PM
August 23
Oak Park Library
834 Lake St., Oak Park

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